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Since July 2001 Zest Digital has been the the outsourced IT department for organisations in the following markets:

Private Education

Zest Digital has 10 years of experience providing stable and effective IT environments for schools. We are specialists in the Private Education sector with a unique Managed Services product that is tailored to suit your school environment.

“Our system is stable and this is because of Zest Digital’s work.”

Darren Waterworth
St Andrews Christian College

Prestige Automotive

Zest Digital has 9 years of experience servicing the prestige automotive industry, helping us to provide support across multi-site dealers, support for Pentana systems, support for service centre systems and the ability to easily interface with the European manufacturer head offices.

"As our business grows, I would like to have Zest Digital on board as no other provider has been as knowledgeable and reliable as Trinity Digital."

Adrian Drakopolous
Audi Centre Melbourne & Richmond

Professional Services

Zest Digital has 11 years of experience providing robust networks to the professional sector. We have specific experience with Real Estate Agents, Accountants/CPAs, Financial Advisors, Solicitors and Not for Profits with 20 or more staff across one or multiple sites.

"What we like most about Zest Digital is how they service our needs without a fuss; they are the experts. They respond promptly in a crisis - which is critical to our business."

David Ellis
CR Knight & Associates

It's what you don't see that does the damage.

We all know the iceberg analogy, well, its the same story in the IT industry. . What we always find is that the risks that could do the most damage to your business are the ones that your exisiting IT guy doesn't know about or isnt telling you about.
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