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What does "Managed Services" Mean?

Managed Services is a common term used to describe any service or function that is outsourced and charged on a fixed fee for a guaranteed result. In the case of Zest Digital, we provide IT Managed Services contracts that can replace an inhouse IT person or department with an outsourced team that is highly trained, can utilise world class management infrastructure and never goes on holidays. Basically, you leverage the power of a much larger organisation and have guaranteed results protected by a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA).

For more information on our managed services product, please contact us through our online form or call us on (03) 9017-4343 and we will send you our presenation by email.

Zest Digital Fixed Price Managed Services FAQ's

Our competitors would love to know how we do it, so contact us through our online form or call us on (03) 9017-4343 and we will send you our Managed Services FAQ sheet by email.

What Market does Zest Digital Serve?

Zest Digital seeks to serve SME's (Manufacturing, Import, Automotive, Legal, Real Estate, Accounting and Not-for-profit) with 20 through to 200 computers throughout Australia & NZ. Many of our clients have an office or warehouse in more than one state or country.
We also specialise in the education market, where we become the IT department for private schools of any size.

Should You Hire Internal IT Staff Or Outsource to an External Service Provider?

Most small business owners handle all aspects of their businesses, including acting as the information technology department. This will work for as long as you remain a small business without employees. When you grow and start hiring staff, will it make sense to use your business-building time on IT issues?

Unless you are an information technology service provider yourself, chances are your time will be much better spent marketing your products and/or services, establishing relationships with your clients, providing exceptional customer service and just otherwise growing your business.

How do you know when it's time to get IT help? If the information technology demands are affecting your day and negatively impacting your actual business related activities - it's definitely time to consider finding an IT resource. If you start adding new employees and computers, it's probably a good time to look into adding IT help, as well.

Should You Hire Internal IT Staff or Outsource?

When you make the decision to find an IT resource, your first decision will be whether you need to hire one or more staff to fulfill the role, or if you're going to outsource IT services. Having dedicated IT staff means they are 100% committed to your business. They're not splitting their time among numerous clients the way a contracted company might. One of the benefits of having an IT department is that the staff develops a strong understanding of your unique business needs and should be in a good position to manage your short and long term IT requirements. With your own IT staff on payroll, you know you've always got someone available (unless they're out sick or on vacation!) should an emergency or urgent situation present itself.

The primary disadvantage of hiring IT staff is that you'll be paying for their benefits, their training, and a variety of other costs associated with hiring a new employee. Not to mention, you have to pay them the agreed upon salary regardless of how much IT work you end up having, which means you may be overpaying based on workload!

There are a variety of advantages of outsourcing to an IT service provider over hiring staff. You can choose to outsource your information technology needs to a flat rate IT service provider and reduce your monthly and overall costs. Having a virtual IT department lets you focus more on running your business rather than the technology that supports it. You aren't stuck paying employee benefits or other employee costs, and you aren't responsible for making sure the IT team remains up to date with their training and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right information technology help for a growing business needs is challenging. When you think strategically about your business' unique IT requirements, you can make sound decisions that further promote its growth and profitability.

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5 quick reasons why is outsourcing better than an employed technician?

  1. Knowledge Dependency
    Inherent kowledge is dependent on one individual rather than an organisation comprised of a large team. That way if the employed technician leaves or has an accident, you have no support and no course of action ot take, and you lose your intellectual property.
  2. Knowledge Loss
    A full time employed technician requires regular training and development to keep their skills up to date and prevent them from leaving. This investment can be expensive. Whats more, without the experience of the challenge of multiple sites and  team members, the employed technician's knowledge and skills stagnate. Often an employed network technician becomes a network manager or IT manager who ends up employing a range of consultants an outsourced technicians to perform the role they were employed to fulfil in the first place. This is very expensive.
  3. Lack of Flexibility
    Outsourcing Managed Services allows for backfill in respect to sick leave, holidays etc. Having an employed technician dont have backfill options unless you hire a second IT technician or temporarily outsource a technician. Employing a second technician increases costs and requires training and induction, while bringing in an unfamiliar outsourced organisation requires a long knowledge transfer period or process for it to be an effective solution in the short term.
  4. Expanding costs
    There is an inherent cost in employing someone, with HR management and ongoing training. Not to mention provision of resources like computers, research and development (tinkering with toys), superannuation, extra consultants to fill the expanding knowledge gap, extra costs incurred through projects that are not  best of breed or tested.
  5. Efficiency
    A full time employed technician will take their time to complete a task, partially because they have plenty of spare time and need to fill their week, partially because they are distracted while watching the job websites and partially because management is not skilled in managing an IT department, so they have no performance measures to stack up to. It is proven that a Zest Digital Senior Engineer can do a weeks work of a full time employed technician in one day. Imagine how much that can save you.

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How does your VoIP phone system work?

Instead of using a fixed wire setup like a regular telephone, Voice over IP works over your broadband connection.

As long as you have a broadband connection, you can connect from anywhere using either a VoIP PBX, software phone and headset on your PC, a VoIP phone, or by using your old phone plugged into an adapter. Its that simple.

The best thing is that your monthly fee starts at only $15.00 per month and calls are charged at 10c each to any landline in Australia. That is a big discount over the big telecommunications providers like Telstra and Optus.

TrinityVOIP is ready to go for any organisation. With 6 years of product development, we have VoIP systems ranging from 4 handsets to 55 handsets installed throughout Melbourne.

TrinityVOIP is exceptionally cost effective for a business with multiple incoming lines and a PABX system. Imagine how much you can save on your monthly phone bills by converting your lines over to VoIP.


so you can make an informed choice, with clear facts on how much you will save by switching to a VoIP system.

  • Call quality is exceptional
  • You receive voicemail direct to your email
  • You get all the benfits of a regular phone system, but with added flexibility
  • No contracts!
  • Massive savings on line rental, and every call.
  • We have created phone systems with up to 160 handsets.

Ask us how we can slash the cost of your monthly phone bill, (03) 9017-4343

Does Zest Digital Service Home Based Clients?

If you are a home user we reccomend using the following providers for the consistency and reliability of a nation wide chain with a business model geared to effectively supporting home based clients.



Zest Digital Fixed Price Managed Services FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Save big $ with VoIP

Save hundreds of dollars on your phonebills today with Voice over IP. Great quality professional phone systems available for your organisation.

To discuss or arrange a cost benefit analysis against your existing system, please call us on (03) 9017-4343 or contact us through the website.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware software

NOD32 Anti-virus is our preferred choice for AV software for SME's and Schools. NOD32 is continuously rated world number one. It detects more viruses that any other AV, it is unobtrusive and it downloads seamlessly and quickly on any net connection. Click here to download a 30 day trial version, if you like what you see, call us and purchase the full product. (Discounts available for not for profit customers and bulk orders over three licenses).

Residential Broadband ADSL connection

We are agents for Exetel, TPG and Telarus. Signing up through these links allows us to support your internet connection for you. If you dont use these links, please use our agent codes below.

Signup today with Exetel CLICK HERE
Signup today with TPG CLICK HERE

You will be presented with your choice of plan upon signup, however if you wish to view plans and pricing follow these links.

Exetel plans and pricing (exetel agent code V025)

TPG plans & pricing (TPG dealer code VITRD)

Call us on
(03) 9017-4343 If you wish to find out more about broadband plans or contact us through the website.