Zest Digital Broadband & Communications

For broadband and copper line connections, Zest Digital has partnered with key providers to ensure you get quality connections, with great customer service.

Broadband Products:

  • Home grade ADSL or ADSL2+ with or without a static IP.
  • Business grade ADSL or ADSL2+ with static IP address.
  • Premium ADSL and SHDSL.
  • Wireless connections (equivalent ot SHDSL).
  • PSTN or ISDN phonelines.
  • Fibre or Ethernet
  • Fixed VPN
  • Manged Security using Fortinet Technology
  • Global Reach

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Partner Spotlight

Telarus delivers telecommunications and technology solutions to customers using best-of-breed products based upon proven technologies, leveraging close partner relationships with the largest and most respected carriers in Australia.

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