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A Business with Soul

Zest Digital started in 2001 as three separate businesses and in July 2004 became a single entity with 3 directors.

We have always had a heart for the not-for-profit sector and have been working closely with many churches, charities and community service groups since 2001. To this day we have a policy that sees us returning 50% of our profits as grants and sponsorships to our not-for-profit clients or by providing subsidised IT agreements. We desire to see our not for profit partners transform their communities.

Our business has grown over the years and we have a mix of SME clients and schools.

Hugh StubleyZest Digital is now owned and directed by Hugh Stubley, and entrepreneur who has a strong vision to see enterprise quality IT managed services made available to the SME, NFP and EDU market, while using the profits from those relationships to help empower the much needed transformation of our communities.
Hugh is also a director of Australia's largest Bendigo Community Bank franchise which has returned over $4 million back to its local community and is also a director of his local church with 300 members and growing.

Hugh is supported by a dedicated team of individuals who put their heart and soul into serving our clients, each of them bringing a different skill or quality into the Zest Digital DNA.

One of these staff is Don Marshall our General Manager, who Don Marshallbrings 39 years of experience in senior executive roles.
Don is no stranger to organisational problem solving, design and change,  having  spent the last 26 years working in the not-for-profit sector strategically leading and planning major change processes; successfully implementing change resulting in efficient systems, teams and financial management.
This work was accomplished in AMP, World Vision Australia, World Vision U.S., Diamond Valley Baptist Church and NewHope Baptist Church and NewHope Community Care Inc.

Neville ChristieIn 2011 Zest Digital has had the privilege to welcome Neville Christie on board as our advisory board Chairman. Neville is a serial entrepreneur has many years of success in growing more than 48 businesses. Neville brings clear strategic thinking and a passion to grow innovative businesses with soul. For more information on Neville, see .

Mission, Vision & Values

Zest Digital empowers transformation in its clients through IT excellence and empowers transformation in the community through the hands of our not-for-profit partners.

We seek to be a global company, acting locally. This means that by 2015 we will have a 24/7 services available to all time zones in the western, English speaking world.

We seek to make our services as unique, efficient, and valuable to our clients as possible. This means that we will always be innovating and striving to add more value to our clients by harnessing new technologies and thinking.

We value our client relationships and seek to treat our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated. This means that we communicate with respect and upfront clarity at all times, and we look after the client's network as if it was our own precious network.

We seek to add in beneficial services into our fixed price offering that will allow our clients to lean on us as their trusted advisor and outsourced IT department.

We seek to become cost neutral to our clients by continuously seeking more efficient and cost effective strategies that not only save them money but improve their business.

We value our staff team, seeking to empower each other by creating a collaborative team environment, through ongoing training, honesty, career opportunities, involvement in decision making and treating each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We want to be a business with soul. This means that we are not just focussed on the bottom line of profit, but also on our mission to empower transformation.

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Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware software

NOD32 Anti-virus is our preferred choice for AV software for SME's and Schools. NOD32 is continuously rated world number one. It detects more viruses that any other AV, it is unobtrusive and it downloads seamlessly and quickly on any net connection. Click here to download a 30 day trial version, if you like what you see, call us and purchase the full product. (Discounts available for not for profit customers and bulk orders over three licenses).

Residential Broadband ADSL connection

We are agents for Exetel, TPG and Telarus. Signing up through these links allows us to support your internet connection for you. If you dont use these links, please use our agent codes below.

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